Campaign / 2019 / Teach for Hong Kong

Teach for Hong Kong Fellowship Program 2019-20

The "Lead the Change" campaign took place during the recruitment phase of Teach For Hong Kong's 2019-20 Fellowship Program. We invited past participants to share their thoughts on being a teacher, in hopes to attract students with similar beliefs to join the course for equal education.

Each of the sentences encapsulates a teacher's ideals, with a photo shot highlighting their growth and gains; posters with colorful designs were used on Instagram and Facebook with great success.

Apart from the social media content, we also helped with the banners and souvenirs, which were brought to many campuses by the Teach For Hong Kong team to promote the program.

Photo credit: Teach for Hong Kong instagram

Client Info

Teach For Hong Kong is a growing movement of young leaders that drive systemic change in education with cross-sector collaboration. Through the one-year Fellowship Program, they recruit and empower the most promising and passionate young leaders to serve in underprivileged schools as full-time teachers.