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Promotional Video / 2018 / GOGOVAN

GOGOVAN Driver App

Earlier this year, following the launch of GOGOVAN's latest app for delivery drivers, we've made a Tutorial and a Promotional Video to introduce the app to our friendly neighborhood drivers.


GOGOVAN Driver App Tutorial

The Tutorial walks through all of the App's features and the new UI. Drivers can use the app to take orders, deliver, and receive payment via bank transfers. To make our tutorial more appealing, we've adjusted the pace of the video, fine-tuned the visual elements and background music, and asked our narrator to speak in a friendly tone and moderate speed.


GOGOVAN Driver App Promotional Video

The Promo Video highlighted several new features in the app, drivers can easily learn how to use them without watching the Tutorial.

Client Info

GOGOVAN is an Asia first on-demand ride sharing service based in Hong Kong, which focuses on transportation of freight and goods in urban areas.

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