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Illustration / 2016

Everyone is Primary Chicken

Everyone is Primary Chicken is a table-top game inspired by school life and homework. The funny thing is gameplay design and balancing are never our strengths. Eventually, we had decided to focus on the visuals, in hopes to disguise our inadequate gaming experience as something "primarily playable".


The game revolves around life as a primary school student. Players have to collect Objects in exchange for stickers to win the game. You can find a number of classic stationery, toys and snacks on the cards. Besides common Object cards, there are also a few Golden Finger cards in the game. These cards are inspired by classic punchlines or our childhood experiences, which can alter the game rules and turn the tables.


The game has a student handbook as the instruction manual, desks as gameboards, and stickers to calculate points for full immersion and gimmick. We also made a case that looks like a student's desk, which can hold everything inside neat and tidy.



Yvonne Chan

Lewis Yeung

Cancan Kwok

Kassie Lo

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